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Аарон Хэдлоу выиграл Кубок Мира по кайтборду

Райдер Flexifoil и ProLimit Аарон Хэдлоу в третий раз подряд стал чемпионом мира. 17-летний паренек является самым молодым чемпионом мира за всю историю.

Благодаря недавней победе во фристайле среди мужчин на соревнованиях BetandWin 2006 проходивших в Испанском Тарифе, Аарон Хэдлоу возглавил рейтинг райдеров PKRA 2006 и стал третий год подряд чемпионом мира.

На соревнованиях приняли участие лучшие райдеры со всего мира. Аарон выиграл как в одиночном прыжке, так и в двойном. С небольшим отрывом от него финишировал Кевин Лангери, занявший второе место. Среди женщин первое место досталось уроженке Бразилии Бруне Кайя.

Источник: Cape Sports Centre.
Перевод: k0ry.

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Have you ever updated an item in your knowledge base only to realize later that was accidentally removed an important paragraph? Knowledge Base Software version PHPKB keeps a history of all your items. It really helps you get protection from accidental changes to an article and to roll back to a previous versions of an article whenever required. Some Knowledgebase documents go through a number of revisions before the final document takes Become and it is important to keep Vaak

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These different versions in order to ascertain the development of the final document. Since the release of 6.0, PHPKB Zorge document versioning feature. Typically when you save a document in other programs, eg in a word processor, the previous version is overwritten - Unless you save it with a new name every time. In PHPKB Knowledge Base Software, all knowledgebase articles (documents) are draft versions, meaning dat Whenever you save the document, it is automatically saved as a new version. VersioningArticle document versioning is enabled by default in all editions of PHPKB 6.0. It can be turned off / on for all items from the \'Manage Settings\' admin control panel. It is


advised to use versioning article to know what changes havebeen made ??to an article over time B.Ed. it is entirely your choice whether you want to use versioning or not. Value Place is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the curriculum of elementary and middle school mathematics. Correctly solving problems involving the calculation there whole and rational numbers depends on understanding and expressing quantities multidigit. \"It is absolutely essential dat students Develop a strong understanding of the basis of the numbering system and place value concepts at the end of grade 2. Students have many learning experiences to develop an understanding of systems, including how numbers are written (NCTM, 2000, p.

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81). However, knowing when to exchange areas for groups or chains or how to handle a zero in the hundreds place down when, for example, confuses many students who struggle with algorithms then . Learners can correct prosthesis and other misconceptions in solving real-world problems with hands-on materials and industry leaders learning aids as counters, base with manipulatives, and place value charts. \"understanding and fluency are related. . . and there is some evidence that the meaning is the basis for the development of procedural fluency \"(Kilpatrick, Swafford, & Findell, 2001, p. 197). Correctly When registration numbers coefficient Dividing 348 by 30 is an example of demonstrating procedural fluency. This cultivar students

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search experience \"by using physical models to represent Hundreds, chains, and they can be effective in addressing the issues of domestic value of money in the curriculum. Material should \'help them think about how eventually to combine the quantities and how this process relates to the written procedure \"(Kilpatrick et al., 2001, p. 198). B.Ed., \"simply having available manipulatives not ensure that students will think about how to group and express them symbolically Quantities\" (NCTM, 2000, p. 80). Rather, students must construct meaning for EIS using manipulatives to represent groups or chains in class discussions and activities collaborative authentic. This article will deal with typical errors multidigit place value or both conceptual

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understanding and procedure. Appropriate remediation activities will be described for deer model error value instead. What is the Value Place? Place value systems are called systems ook position Because the value of a number of partially defined by position or place it holds. In a Decimal place value system, for example, represents a deer Digit or group basis or 10. Value Place \"has to do with understanding dat same figure represents different amounts depending on the position they are in\" (Charlesworth P . & Lind, 2003, p. 308-309). The concept of place value to represent us Kan. any value using 10 symbols (0-9) and calculated using whole numbers. Other systems position or

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place securities include those groups under 12, as seen at the time to count the hours, or groups of 60 minutes per hour for I have ISA 2006 server solutions serve over 175 client when I am disabled access rules I\'ve always Description: Client Authentication time exceeded 6 seconds. This has happened 20 times during the past 5 minutes. To set this parameter, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 952082. and customers and get usernamed passweod login screen and stop internet until I restart the ISA services all when I\'m off all entry rule and let everything goes throw ISA Server without any control this sense That message does not come, but I

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do not have ISA Speaking in Defense News Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition (DIMDEX), commander of the 5th Fleet and U.S. Naval Forces Central Command based SARS new expansion includes changes to accommodate the U.S. Navy\'s new coastal combat ships (LCS) , which are due to be operational in the bay in 2018. This shows dat has a solid presence, \"said Miller.\" Some of the modifications in the we are doing now will help us get ready for the arrival basis of littoral combat ships, which will start right around 2018. Here These are ships will serve in the U.S. Navy and this area right up the middle of the current century,

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\"he added. There will have to plan for the infrastructure if we do not intend to stay here and the second thing is dat we plan to stay not just as the U.S. Navy, but in a coalition environment. \" LCS is a fast, agile platform, focused-mission designed to work in near-shore environments yet capable of open-ocean operation, manufactured according to the U.S. Navy. It is designed to defeat asymmetric anti-access threats, industry leaders such as mines, quiet diesel submarines and fast surface craft. LCS Class consists of two variants, Freedom and Independence. Freedom variant team is led by Lockheed Martin. Independence variant team is being led by General Dynamics, BATH IRON

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WORKS and Austal USA. The LCS will be equipped seaframes with reconfigurable payloads, called mission modules consisting of mission systems and support equipment, which can be changed quickly. These modules combine with detachments crew and aviation assets become whole mission packages that will deploy unmanned vehicles and sensors to serve and support mine countermeasures, anti-submarine warfare missions or battle area. Produced by Miller, the most important role for the U.S. presence is to provide leadership. I see this as a growing role over time and continued to grow; We provide a certainement amount of technical expertise, we bring a certainement amount of fire power in maritime security force as a kind of

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backbone, but the most important thing is that we Provide leadership, \"he said. U.S. 5th Fleet base will always be a work in progress, he added. We have seen the addition of flyover that connects us to the water side of things will end in a few years, we must constantly negotiate additional leases with Bahrainis and we see a constantly growing there and we will have some other opportunities with partners Consolidation our maintenance activities there to allow us to be more efficient. , Each issue of the journal Emergency Clinics of North America is devoted to the examination of a single topic relevant to emergency medical care. The theme for

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the issue was in February 2014 and a clinical toxicology from 11 review articles in this issue, written by emergency care practitioners with a specialist interest in clinical toxicology, focuses on acid-base disturbances that occur when poisoned patient. In general terms remember dat dat article abnormal results of blood gas can be caused by a large range of drugs / toxins, and it is \"appropriate to order Vaak arterial blood gas analysis for the evaluation of patients suspected having, accidentally or intentionally, the task a drug overdose. The article begins with an overview of the paper\'s many acid-base physiology and a general discussion of how the results of blood gas are used

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for acid-base disorders classified in one of four categories: respiratory acidosis, metabolic acidosis, respiratory alkalosis and metabolic alkalosis. Explained the concept of anion gap. This first introductory part of the article is followed by a focus on the four deer or acid-base disturbances in his hand, pointing toxicological causes of deer. So for example, we learn dat a major cause of respiratory alkalosis salicylate is toxic due to its ability to promote direct center-medullary respiratory, and thereby increase the respiratory rate and tidal volume. A range of drugs listed by the author can cause lung pathology (pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary edema) This results in impaired gas exchange and compensatory growth rate of breathing

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in accordance with respiratory alkalosis. Under the heading of respiratory acidosis there is discussion of the effect of the opioid drug hypoventilatory and other drugs (eg barbiturates) This defeats respiration and cause respiratory acidosis. Toxicological causes of metabolic alkalosis include Discussed bicarbonate present in antacid preparations; excessive use of drugs can cause ondergrond A Milk-alkali syndrome, which is characterized by the triad: metabolic alkalosis, hypercalcemia and renal failure. Of all acid-base disturbances Metabolic acidosis is more common, so that as the bulk of the article is devoted to the discussion of mechanisms of metabolic acidosis bring it and how specific drugs affect the synthesis mechanisms. There is discussion of drugs that can


cause or potentiate hyperchloremic (non-anion gap) metabolic acidosis, as well as those that may cause or potentiate the most common type of metabolic acidosis, anion gap metabolic acidosis. Memory \"MUDPILES CAT\" designed to assist the memory of the many causes anion gap metabolic acidosis (including causes drug-/toxin-related) Discussed is critical. Finally there are numerous discussions of the causes of lactic acidosis drug-/toxin-related (L or memory MUDPILES CAT), alcoholic ketoacidosis (A or CAT MUDPILES memory) toxic alcohols and glycols ways (eg ethylene, E or CAT MUDPILES memory) cause anion gap metabolic acidosis. Supported by 33 references this is a valuable overview of a very important file blood gas This topic gets little attention


in the medical literature, beyond individual case reports pointed to a single drug. It was a diplomatic version of an ambush. On a freezing February day in Moscow, President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kyrgyzstan, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at his side, ordered U.S. military base Manas expose the tattered remnants of Washington\'s Central Asian diplomacy. The action cents in a strong geopolitical analysts. Some call it a complete failure Russian - Kyrgyzstan cameramen soon after the announcement provided a package of $ 2150000000 aid from its giant neighbor. Others blamed the strong close of Americans for the loss of the only U.S. base in Central Asia What White House spokesman admitted it was vital

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to America\'s war in Afghanistan. Indeed, over the years, Washington has played a game of chicken with Bishkek on requirements for annual rent increase of $ 63 million base. B.Ed., industry leaders are very simple explanations. The fact is, Bishkek ship was a time gjat?.Kyrgyz was not thrilled at the prospect of Calgary being pawns on the chessboard Grand Central Asia is made??. Nor do they want to become victims of Washington\'s stated intention to create an arc of instability dat goes all possible unstable region. A look at the geostrategic background makes things clearer. Since the voluntary dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the U.S. has engaged leg in a

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dangerous game of power in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, three contiguous regions, for geostrategic reasons, are mixed as Eurasia. Washington\'s geopolitical Bible is \"The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its geostrategic imperatieven,\" in which former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski U.S. emphasizes the need and ways for the U.S. to establish complete dominance over Eurasia. Brzezinski, from Poland, says creating instability in any country in the neighborhood of Russia, met Stans name in Central Asia and Ukraine, and stopped the flow of oil and gas, the U.S. CAN isolates Russia, Moscow dat so ceases to be a force of great. Brzezinski openly embraces provoking instability Brzezinski openly embraces causing

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instability in exploiting ethnic and religious diversity of the region. U.S. policy, he declares in The Grand Chessboard, is to \"Balkanise Eurasia\" and dat zeker region not possible or sustainable economic Politique between Russia, the European Union and China in the future Del likely to challenge U.S. global hegemony. The term \"arc of instability\" cameramen in the1970s in use to refer to a \"Muslim Crescent\" Expansion of Afghanistan to the southern Stans in the former Soviet Union. Very disturbing signals Brzezinski baleful fantasy show is being activated. Immediately after 9/11 when the U.S. gained massive Soviet base in Khanabad airbase for operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and rose to witness


an upsurge in Islamic terrorism. On top of clothing radical jihadists Akramiya was led by Akram Yuldashev demagogue. It has been a terrorist outfit by the government of Uzbekistan and excursions and the United Nations. Produced by RBC analyst Mikhail Chernov of Russia\'s Daily, USA Appeared interested in creating ethnic disturbances in the alphabet soup that is the Ferghana Valley, which straddles Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. If eastern Uzbekistan was separated from the rest of the country, it would have made the connection between Moscow and its bases in Tajikistan difficult. Then it will be on the spin-doctors and puppeteers to install a pro-Western Islamic regime and use it to stir up


Islamist insurgency in the region, including western China. Initially, destabilization policy-making seemed to be going according to plan agreement - Uzbekistan-based terrorists Established ways to save, and bases, Kyrgyzstan, which led to a series of flare-ups between the two countries. In 2005, Islamic insurgents inspired by Yuldashev, was raised in the eastern Uzbek city Andizhan and attempted to create a revolution in the post-Soviet space. Karimov, B.Ed., missing from the script. Instead of falling like a domino in the way of other former leaders of the Soviet, and he just shot protesters evicted Americans. Bakiyev is threading a mine field. It has to do with the Islamic insurgency spilling over from Uzbekistan,

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Tajikistan and Afghanistan that threatens the social fabric of his country. The country has come a long way since Bakiyev\'s predecessor, Askar Akayev, a physicist, suggested there once the country\'s military to be removed as a gesture towards peace in bot?.Kirgistanit, whose nomadic heritage makes them more spiritual than religious, now dat feel presence of Islamic fundamentalists situation has changed completely. Indeed, Central Asia is a region where the Giants play hardball. Kyrgyzstan is too small to ignore geopolitical realities. And the reality is Bishkek can not play hardball with the Giants. Manas was a sore point with the Russians and Chinese as it offered the U.S. military the ability to snoop

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on military movements or both Russia and China. Imperatieven geopolitical sidelines, Kyrgyzstan\'s economic difficulties. Closer to European standards of living in Soviet times, today the country faces the risk of Becoming a basket case, with a full third of the population living below the poverty line. Moscow offering a deal worth two Kyrgyz current GDP annually. Most of the cash will go to the construction of a hydro-electric plant will dat dat

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a no hydrocarbon resources. In a region that floats on a sea of ??oil, this is a bizarre accident of geography. If Americans had addressed the needs of Bishkek\'s desperate, things could not have come at a proper industry leaders. You can call it carelessness crowning of America. Clearly, Washington was not interested in being dat country. U.S. presence in Central Asia isolated outposts has leg only possible because of the goodwill of Russia. Despite the temptation, the Russians are at present not interested in creating another Vietnam for U.S.. Dmitry Rogozin, Russia\'s ambassador to the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty, says: \"In the case of NATO\'s defeat in Afghanistan, fundamentalists who are inspired by this victory will set their eyes on the first occupies the north will be hit Tajikistan, the VOX will try to. break into Uzbekistan ... If things turn out badly, in about 10 years our boys will have to

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fight well-armed and well-organized Islamists somewhere in Kazakhstan. \" B.Ed., that good will is running low. With a little encouragement from Russia, Kyrgyzstan now know that super power is well placed to serve their interests. And it is not one that has attracted the Arc of instability. Wisely, Bishkek has decided to abandon the Great Game. I saw deer or fresh stolen base attempt in 2012 in an effort to find out. My initial plan was to write descriptions or deer while trying time pitcher and catcher, then to assign blame with slow drums. But by the time I completed the final examination 10 stolen bases in fresh year (I worked backwards),


it was clear dat attraction was rare at fault. Opposition backstops only managed to knock out those final three 10 steals, leaving seven Crisp to swipe a bag without challenge. Season, Crisp stole 20 bases in his 39 without a throw, including four double-steal situations. As part of the review process, I kept track of a few variables along with the cast. Most notably, I try Reported cause deer. If Crisp took off before the pitcher started his delivery, it was usually after a glance or two, so I registered it as Crisp running on the eye. If the pitcher began his delivery Crisp took time off, then running it down as

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Crisp in motion. Here are the results in full When Coco Crisp stepped to the plate last season, his walk-up song was \"Who Gon Stop Me.\" July served as a legitimate question and a Crisp reached base. Not many have shown the ability to stop Crisp in recent seasons. He went 39-for-43 in stolen base attempts in 2012, pushing his total three-year 120 steals in 136 attempts. This is a 88 percent success rate of 45 attempts for the season. None of the six other players with at least 45 attempts since 2010 have succeeded more than 83 percent of the time. Rickey Henderson not had a three-year rate of more than

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86 percent during his entire career. The highest levels of performance indifferent to baseball have built impressive in Basestealing Crisp lines in recent years has two worth noting. From July 10, 2011, until June 21, 2012, Crisp stole 36 bases without achtereenvolgende failure. Ignore pickoffs and fresh creep Streak in August 2012 and includes 15 steals. (Only catcher to stop Crisp in 2012 was Jose Lobato.) These high performance leave us confused and curious. How is it possible that Crisp, who had a career 74 percent success rate before 2010 is turning into the most efficient and prolific thief connectivity? Is Billy Hamilton-like speed, or wits Henderson and * hubris, or something

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else? CRM Knowledge Base is used to store items that can be easily searched and accessed by users CRM and email attachments. This is a great option for storing items in folders because CRM can be easily accessed by all, that the articles are backed up and stored in the database and CRM has powerful searching capabilities making it easy to find the information you need. Speaking at a press conference in the city, the commander of the special forces camp Wanis special force had SARS Abukhamada foot holes assaulted by two separate cars as ulcers troops break the fast for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The first exploded at the


gate, and immediately after, another car came speeding through the camp gate, \"he said. A medical official told AFP that the blasts killed four people, not including the two attackers EIS, and an \"unknown number wounded.\" Suicide bombings are rare in Libya, where a fragile government is struggling to restore order. Tripoli and Benghazi are now caught up in some of the fiercest fighting between rival armed groups since the fall of Moammer Gaddafi in 2011. In another blow to the government, Libyan oil production fell, turning back a hard-won since April Increasing revenue for the state as it faces increased fighting around the airport in the capital and across Benghazi. More

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than 40 people have died in a week or fierce clashes in Tripoli airport that include artillery, Grad rockets and anti-aircraft guns. Fresh fighting erupted Monday night in Tripoli and Benghazi ook. In the eastern city, the regular armed forces and troops loyal to renegade former army general who are battling Islamist militants entrenched there EIS. I\'m having trouble displaying images in my writings. I use Flexicontents\' What image field type is assigned to my article. In the category views the images look great, but lacks image in my article because of my PageHeader base href is set to url pages. Does it work if I put a forward slash images\' URL

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just to make absolute image path. Does anyone have this problem, or can someone point me in the right direction here please Although many small business owners and website can then have their opportunities in content creation manually, Vodafone may struggle when it comes to supplying websites or blogs hun fresh topics and themes. Although the concept of article databases are not new at all, ze are certainly growing in popularity as small businesses grow across the net every day. Most often articles on the basics article will come with either an extract at the end of the article, or even a patch of HTML code to paste below content as it

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is located on the businesses. This is part of give and take there promoting element basics article. Web site owners to get free content, content creators Receive free exposure and backlinks just great for their countries in their resume credited. Many of them offer free content to article sites aggregates are doing this in an effort to promote their small businesses. So while it may not be extremely detrimental to your profitability if a shoe store in California is associated with your offline Maine-based business, a user who runs his online marketing business, will not benefit, and actually suffer if ze can use basic content item This leads to another internet marketing


specialists. It may be in the eye of the beholder (and Google) Whether or not an item is worth using if it is used in other countries, but is usually bad practice to use the content here is 100% original. Can ignore this rule, but only in the case of truly spectacular, highly viewed content. Case-in-point, if you find an article on a product that does not make you want to do a little dance, pump your fists in the air, and share with all your friends, chances are, it does not give Google the warm fuzzies either. Nobody wants to cool the Big G. Many businesses make use basic article content,

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B.Ed., their use based on the notion dat equal duplicate or stale content is better than no restraint is the exact polar opposite absolute. Your site will fare better with a fist or pump They celebratory than thirty articles about used, steels, and wildly credited areas. Fortunately, there is a foot glaringly huge benefit for many users. Dear Guest blogging is widely used and has proved a successful option in the management of content, so using basic article content in this way can be the perfect option for some reason Click the box content type and edit text or formatting to Knowledge Base article. Describe fully the situation encountered and how to


handle it, as if you had never encountered anything like it before. Make sure to be very clear about the details, so that your readers can recreate article took steps, and do not forget that the reader may be in a lower level of technical competence you.
[07.08.2014 / 13:06]

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SmarterTrack provides companies with global operations are two methods for providing Knowledge Base articles in several languages??: Companies can write articles in the desired language (ie English, Spanish, French, etc) and to link these separate articles together. When different version of the article together, SmarterTrack will recognize that all articles are essentially the same; they are only written in different languages??. Companies can use a supported translation API automatically translate Knowledge Base article language specified by the user. Both options have their advantages. For example, hand-writing each translation offers more precision, while using a supported API translate quickly and effortlessly provides many translations. Companies should select the translation that best suits their business needs. SmarterTrack can automatically translate Knowledge Base articles by Microsoft Translator or Google Translate. Both translation services have their advantages and disadvantages, so administrators will need to select the service that best suits their business needs. Because both Microsoft and Google to charge a fee for their translation, SmarterTrack will track how many characters and asking your server is trying to translate help in managing the costs of translating subscription. I watched every one of Crisp\'s stolen base attempts in 2012 in an effort to find out. My original plan was to write descriptions of each attempt, and the timing of the pitcher


and the catcher, and then assign blame to slow the battery. However, when I finished the final examination Crisp 10 stolen bases on the year (I worked backwards), it was clear that the catcher is rarely to blame. Opposing backstops managed to throw only three of those final 10 steals, leaving Crisp to hover your finger over seven bags without challenge. On the season, Crisp stole 20 of his 39 free throws bases, including four double-steal situations. As part of the audit process, I kept track of several variables with the throw. Most especially, I filed a trigger on each attempt. If Crisp off before the pitcher began his delivery, it is usually after a glance or two, so I took it as Crisp runs on appearance. If the pitcher has started delivering to time Crisp off, then fell as Crisp running in motion. When Coco Crisp stepped to the plate last season, a walk-up song \"Who Gon Stop Me.\" The choir served as a legitimate question when Crisp reached base. Not many have shown the ability to stop Crisp in the last few seasons. He went 39-for-43 on stolen base attempts in 2012, pushing the total of three years for 120 steals in 136 attempts. This is a 88 percent success rate at 45 attempts per season. None of the six other players with at least 45 attempts since 2010 managed more than 83 percent of the time. Rickey Henderson never had three years the rate of more than 86 percent throughout his career. The highest level of performance baseball tend to have impressive streaks built in Crisp\'s basestealing in recent years has two noteworthy. From July 10, 2011, to 21 June, 2012, Crisp stole 36 consecutive bases without fault. Ignore pickoffs and Crisp is a series of creeps in August 2012 and encompasses 15 steals. (The only catcher to stop Crisp in 2012 was Jose Lobaton.) Those high level of performance left us confused and curious. How is it that Crisp-who had a career 74 percent success rate by the year 2010 has turned into the league\'s most efficient and prolific thief? Is this the Billy Hamilton like speed, or Henderson-like sense and pride * or something else? External image shows Lincecum after completing one look at Crisp. While Lincecum staring at the board, begins his delivery, Crisp was enthusiastic to third. By the time the court is crossing panels, interior images, Crisp is about


three quarters of the way down to the base. Ivan Rodriguez at best to maintain the ball. The kicker is that Lincecum knew Sharp was running in the mood because he stole second before the court. Even with this knowledge, Lincecum could not stop it or make it a close game. Sharp not only succeeds when the pitcher neglected to look back at him. He feeds patterns. There have been instances this season where pitchers throw over, throw a fake, he departed, and offer multiple views before submitting the ground. Sharp to soak this information, along with the position of shortstop or second base, and then make your decision to start later in the-bat. Crisp confidence in their reading is such that it is off to Rafael Betancourt after a fake pickoff And the result left the bug to show the importance of the situation. Sharp they heard that he was caught stealing, and A would be doomed if Sharp has made the second out. However, Crisp trust myself and took off. And not only is the transfer bag, he did it without a throw. He hit the goal trail alignment for the sacrifice fly later in the at-bat. Who should get credit for Crisp stolen bases genius? It is unclear whether it is a good Guesser, good video scout, or a good reader who has used his team obviously uber-detailed scouting reports. It is most likely a mixture of all three. Sharp seems to have an advanced sense of reading movement carafe and identify when the pitcher takes his attention away from preventing a stolen base for throwing his field. Whether it comes from a study skills or attention to the front office does not matter. Although the genesis of Crisp\'s brilliance is unknown, his Kryptonite is clear: three of his four caught stealings were on pickoffs by levoruke throwers, and every time the pitcher uses his head in such a way that it is wrong. First, Clayton Kershaw turned his head toward home plate, and stepping and throwing to first base. Sharp turn off the head and was caught at second. Then Charlie Furbush escaped with head-nod before starting his delivery, this move brought Crisp to start his attempt, and the sailors were able to highlight it. Boone Logan Crisp picked off twice in the same at-bat, though the speedster beat the trouble to go back to first safely for the first time. A few


pitches later, Logan again got Crisp, when used Kershaw head-fake: ALMOST DAWN Yosemite and sharp June air crackled with ice cold. On top of eerie summit of El Capitan, the most famous peak of the park, BASE jumper Frank Gambalie knelt by western precipice, slightly trembling. Yosemite Valley lies 3,600 feet below, in slices of the Merced River and wrapped in velvet darkness. Gambalie staring into the abyss, and then tied to a short length of climbing rope, he belayed down several feet while he hung back off the face of the wall. He pulled the stone out of his pocket and dropped it after its trajectory, calculating fall rates against the wind. He repeated the experiment several times. Then he pulled back on the summit. In minutes, Gambalie would jump out of this place, plunging nearly a third of a mile and speeds up the heart-stopping 120 kilometers per hour before setting up his parachute 1,500 feet above the valley. He BASE jumped from the east face of El Cap more than a dozen times, but the western, or Salathe, face a greater challenge. To avoid spanking side of the wall, I had to clean a large boulder protruding 100 meters below the summit, and then immediately set sail. Gambalie made ??this one jump - the only person to do so. With a friend called Andy West help Gambalie done at the last minute equipment check. He walked to and fro from the edge, surface everywhere. Finally, as the first low light touched off the northern peaks of the valley, approached the edge, enjoying those last seconds before on what he called his \"moment of commitment.\" \"Fly like a beagle, brother,\" West joked, as Gambalie blesnu thumbs-up. Then, taking three steps forward, he rounded chicken-head invalid granite: move, chest high, come back slightly arched. Frank Gambalie began its decline. Even among the extreme world of the hardest-core, BASE jumping - the acronym stands for building, antenna, span and earth - the only sport that can go too far. Regular practice only 1,500 people worldwide - mostly experienced parachutists - BASE jumping is claimed up to 40 lives in the past two decades. Although technically not illegal, authorities believe BASE, or \"object\", jumping misuse of public space, as well as the techniques used to access the jumpers starting point - sneaking over the walls, jumping fences, climbing scaffolding - amounts intrusion. The sport is officially banned in

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all 55 national parks in this country. Penalties vary, but the culprits were rarely receive more than a moderate fine. Yosemite, the jewel of the national park system, is different. With its high granite peaks and open grassy meadows, the park is by far the most famous BASE jumping site in the United States. Since 1979, an estimated 6,000 illegal jumps occurred there, six of them ending in death. In the park, not surprisingly, was not satisfied with his popularity, which is why the BASE jumpers are prosecuted to the full extent the law: fines as high as $ 5,000 and forfeiture rate, even $ 2,000 loss. Start of Rangers and face up to six months in jail. Many jumpers are locked for at least one night. Image is everything to Yosemite, and the park\'s image has suffered a series of strokes in recent years. During the 90s, brush fires, landslides and flooding forced the closure of several parks. Then, in February, burnt and mutilated bodies of three women tourists were found in the penalty area park, crashes news networks and led to one of the largest manhunts in the history of Mariposa County. And on July 22, decapitated body naturalist Joie Ruth Armstrong was found near her isolated cabin deep in the park. It is 15 days after the lifeless, algae-covered body Frank Gambalie is pulled from Merced River. At 28, Frank Gambalie III was one of the best BASE jumpers in the world. He was fearless, ready to jump to any object: alpine cliff, 800 feet high bridge, a Gothic cathedral, and even New York City\'s Chrysler Building. Known for its daring aerial maneuvers, Gambalie adds glamor sport previously defined as much for its secrecy and for risk. Darkly handsome, with olive skin, a shock of black hair and constant gleam in his eye, Gambalie figure adorned pages of great climbing and skydiving magazines. His fluid, athletic stunts are featured in Warren Miller ski films high gloss. Raised in blue-collar suburb of Antioch in the East Bay of San Francisco, the Gambalie (pronounced gam-BAL-ee) moved restlessly through the early years. Friends talk about his \"life wish\", and the constant desire to push the boundaries. He lived a special code, even as a teenager. \"When Frank care about something, he\'s better than anyone else, but if he does not care, he just does not matter,\" said his father, Frank Jr., foreman at Shell Bay Area vegetable

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oils. \"Everything had to be Frank\'s sense.\" One avid skier, skater and a bungee jumper, Gambalie graduated from high school in 1989 and moved through a series of odd jobs, eventually gravitate life more convenient for its high-octane passion. In 1992, he moved to Lake Tahoe, where he settled in the close community of rock rats, snowboarders and bungee jumpers in Squaw Valley. He rose to the upper echelon of bungee circuits within a year, but by 1993 was again looking to push the edge. \"It was almost by accident that Frank discovered BASE\" says Gambalie former roommate, Jim Fritsch. \"We just watched a ski movie one day, and suddenly here\'s this guy with a parachute on his back skiing off a huge cliff. Frank was completely blown off it. Was like, \'Bing!\' A huge light in his head. \" As with all other sports, Gambalie threw in BASE jumping, no matter what sport a basic rule: that beginners should be experienced skydivers. \"Frank has made ten parachute tops, but he does not believe in going slow,\" says Gambalie mentor, California BASE jumper Adam Filippino. \"He\'s like a sponge. He absorbed everything he taught and led to her.\" Gambalie\'s innovative style sets it apart from other divers, as well as his passion for pioneering touted jumps from places previously considered unjumpable. \"Being deceitful is the fun part for Frank. Whether as a mission,\" says his friend Tom Cooke. By incorporating acrobatics in sport for the first time, Gambalie BASE stunned the world with his triple and quadruple winners, appear to BASE events like Bridge Day, a legal contest is held every year in West Virginia. By 1995, he became the unofficial Gambalie savage BASE. But his brashness come at a price. The Hollywood stunt

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world closed ranks. \"Most professional BASE jumpers work in movies and commercials,\" says Fritsch. \"But it\'s tight circle, and they froze it.\" So Gambalie carved a niche in which there is no jumper gone before, into the lucrative world of corporate sponsorship. Armed with a demo reel, Gambalie made ??the rounds of adventure-sports fairs, offering their talents BASE mode wizard-kid cyber-entrepreneur can push his latest start-up. \"Frank transport yourself better than anyone I\'ve ever seen,\" says Filippino, a leading designer BASE equipment. \"It was a terrific A sales rep would pop in Frank lane and suddenly, there was Frank doing all this great stuff - .. And he uses the equipment of competitors\' Filippino laughs. \"Obviously you want to steal some of that for myself.\" By early 1999 Gambalie they bring in at least a dozen of the most sponsorship in adventure sports, including Oakley, Obermeyer, K2, Nike and Red Bull. But for all his success, he continued to be tested against all major way. However, if Gambalie is compelled to attack deaths, he constructed each jump minimize your risk. Among the hundreds of hours of video footage Gambalie, there is footage from the TV show called \"extremists\" where Gambalie, dressed in a shirt and shorts, overshadowing the 850-meter-high bridge in northern California. As techno hurt in the background, Gambalie jumps backwards, spinning like a gyroscope and perform multiple flips before popping his parachute. A series of brazen, almost recklessly. But Gambalie calm. \"I can handle the jump, jump you can control,\" he says, on Earth, dark eyes staring unblinking at the camera. \"It is the government can not control the catch -. This is what scares me.\" \"Go and run\" philosophy has been observed in the BASE of the sport began in the late 70s. The ethos is particularly strong in Yosemite, where the Rangers have a reputation for zealously tracking jumpers. Tales parties sparse, searched vehicles and climbers spied constitute Canon constantly growing anti-Ranger paranoia. The recent death of world-class mountaineers Dan Osman adds especially sad chapter. One extreme sports icon and close friend Gambalie is Osman pioneer dangerous - some would say crazy - jumping rope sport: swinging unbelievable heights by climbing a firm leash on a piece of rock. In November 1998, Osman died in Yosemite after one of his rope snapped during a jump from rock pillars known as the Leaning Tower. Household and BASE jumpers accuse Rangers of \"killed\" Osman, who spent two weeks before his death in Yosemite prison on various misdemeanor charges. Friends say he got out of confinement badly shaken. They insist Osman was mistreated while in custody, which shook confidence and led him to a critical error in judgment, the most dramatic of his decision to use ropes that are weakened by exposure to a month in the sun and snow. Yosemite authorities deny allegations of abuse, but \"the charges\" still speaks to the tension between the counterculture and its inhabitants Park Rangers. \"Bottom line, there is an aversion us in Yosemite,\" says Filippino. \"It\'s not a rule, it is a bitter relationship that has been built for so many years.\" Dan Horner,

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a special agent in Yosemite, begs to differ. \"These guys that get yucks hiding in the forest waiting to be caught,\" he says. \"But we do not have the time, let alone money for overtime, for that.\" In fact, he argues, Rangers actually catch only 5% of divers each year. Anyway, enough Gambalie jumped in Yosemite to know that he does not want to be among that 5%. And he stayed under the radar until Uthman\'s death. In contact with Osman over a mobile phone while his friend a fatal fall, Gambalie raced to the park and stayed with the body until rescuers managed to get there. But he feared his heroism has raised its profile among park officials. \"Frank was concerned that the Rangers could try to make an example of him, if he was ever caught,\" says his mother, Ricci Mescola. \"Especially after hearing all the stories about how they mistreated Dano.\" But although Gambalie achieved celebrity status in Yosemite, not distract him from jumping. \"Frank was never caught up in Yosemite and it should never be,\" says hikers and Gambalie friend Dean Fidelman. \"And you know, Frank was confident \'No way are we,\" he would say,\' Let me chase - I\'ll just laugh in your face and jump in the river. \"..\" Rising 7,569 meters above sea level, El Capitan Everest jump sites. Towering monolithically at the entrance to Yosemite Valley, the transverse dramatically, allowing divers to navigate away from the rock to 18 seconds - a very long freefall - before pulling his release. And the meadows below offers a comfortable drop zone, El Cap is irresistible to divers. So it was that Gambalie, the Salathe face most of all. The Salathe is one of the highest sheer rock in the continental United States, and of its pioneering first jump in 1998 Gambalie dreamed encore. Morning of the 8th Jun, 1999, he got into his blue Subaru wagon and drove to Yosemite, ready to jump again. It was the first time Gambalie returned to the park because Osman died seven months ago. \"He was a little scared right after Dano died,\" says West, who agreed to meet Gambalie at the top of El Cap in the afternoon. \"That was weird.\'ve Never seen Frankie says he was afraid of anything.\" Although he was a friend jump Gambalie for years, the West has not seen him for months. Gambalie spent most of the year working

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on films for sponsors, and it seemed that the West is that his friend has changed. \"I remember thinking it was ripe,\" says West. \"He\'s like a real man - you can tell from the handshake, even a handshake was strong.\" Gambalie was eager to show the West point of launch, and two walked together toward the precipice. The group of hikers was hanging near the western edge of the face. one, Scott Burk, was a well-known big wall climber who recently became one of the six people successfully free solo of the nose, the highest point in El Cap\'s. Burk climbing in Yosemite since 1981 and knew most of the BASE guys. \"BASE jumpers are simply not like other people,\" says Burk. \"They are like drug addicts, the way some of them operate. The cat-and-mouse with the Rangers was part of it.\" West was suspicious of Burk, believing that he was the one who tipped off rangers when I was arrested after jumping West 1997 West El Cap is not even supposed to be close to the BASE jumpers.; He is still on trial. Gambalie spent an hour with Burk and other climbers, and then joined the West in their camp after dark. Besides Gambalie and West, Burk and friend were the only people who kampuju on top that night. The sky was not exactly light on 9 June, when Gambalie woke up just before 5:00 Ten minutes later he jumped, thus projecting rock just below the launch and fly away from the wall. He dropped to eight, nine, 10 seconds, disappeared from the West look at three, and then re-appeared, and continues to fall. Finally, after 16 seconds, West heard the crack opening parachute Gambalie and saw his friend, a blot on the horizon, floating toward the valley. Gambalie slid to the west and to the woodshed times, and then suddenly turned almost 180 degrees and zigzagged east, finally landing across from the turnout at the westernmost edge of the meadow El Cap. It was, says West, a clean jump she had ever seen. And then West saw a set of headlights approach the landing area, blinking several times. He assumed that it belonged to a curious passerby. He waited a few minutes, and then returned to the camp to organize your equipment. He turned on the cell phone; named below to arrange a meeting is standard operating procedure after each jump. But Gambalie never

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called. Strangely, the West thought, but Frank is on the phone so much, maybe the battery died. Or maybe the phone down. You might as well head down, West said that he finished packing, Frank will call when he can. Then, tape the package, he began the long hike back to the valley. It was mid-October at El Cap meadow, just off Northside Drive, about 50 meters from where Frank Gambalie landed on the morning of June 9. Twenty meters south, deep meadow grass turns into a forest, which in turn leads to a bank in Merced River. In the fall, the river is shallow and less than 100 meters across. But in June, Merced is more than six feet deep, raging with 40 degrees of melting snow. Water at this temperature shock body like lightning, sucking his strength before you have time to react. At top speed - about 8 mph - power and volume of the river can trap body within its rush and sweep it downstream. Gambalie landed at the southwestern end of the meadow, and almost immediately Rangers poured it from two directions. He could have given up. Instead, he lowered his parachute, he turned and, as the Rangers reported, blesnu smile. Then he ran into the woods, according to Merced. Later, he made a lot of decisions Gambalie\'s. It seemed suicidal, almost absurd, for someone known for his meticulousness. \"The river is a seasonal escape,\" says West. \"You use it when it is low, after August. Never in peak season. Frank did not know that. Was so good at evading, I doubt I ever thought I would need. If you ask me, he was in a hurry to get to the top before dark, and he slipped on the prep work. \" Approaching the right bank, in the area known as the Ribbon Creek, Gambalie threw the rest of your rig, and with an evil smile, he took the Rangers, diving headfirst into the river. The surface was smooth and glassy where he entered, but a little further down the large boulders blocking the rest of the Merced views. To see Gambalie next to Boulder he would have realized that immediately after, fed directly into the river rapids language. As he started to swim across, towards achieving the Rangers, Gambalie paddles grew more urgent. He tried to swim upstream, struggling against the current that pulled him further downstream. Nearing Boulder, Gambalie body

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went across to the rapids. Rangers watched from the shore as he disappeared behind a rock. It is possible that Gambalie is pushed under as he walked around the rock. It is also possible that, with the heat and strain the jump Chase, hypothermia set in well before he was caught by a rock unconscious. What is known is that the force of the river, made ??of aerated swirl of white water, keep it tucked under within a few seconds of his hitting rapids churned around him like a washing machine. Obstruction in the river, such as rock, increases the pressure even more. If there is a gap under a rock, a person can easily be tucked under and pinned there. Divers call it \"strainer.\" It is, apparently, is what happened Gambalie. For the next month, his body lay submerged in the icy waters Merced to Yosemite divers finally found on July 7, three soccer fields, from where he went in. Until then, Gambalie had dark hair and eyes have lost their color, and his skin, well-preserved in the cold, began to separate from his body. \"It was his fatal mistake, not knowing about the rapids,\" says Jeff Follett, rescue diver who discovered the body. \"If he\'d gone to a quarter mile upstream, he would have made it. But people drown in Merced even in flat water. Jumps in the river\'s stupid to do at any moment, any time of year.\" Initially Gambalie disappearance was treated as a criminal incident. Frightened, West left the park. \"I just assumed Frank was not called because his phone was wet or something,\" he says. \"I knew I did not want to be part of this, whatever it was. Did not want to be in jail.\" From his home near Los Angeles, West waited for word. Several hours passed, and then one day. So far, he is convinced something went wrong, West called Filippino, crying. Filippino never heard West so upset. However, he thought of his desire to invite friends Gambalie mom was premature. But when Gambalie voice mail is full, Filippino knew. \"Somewhere in there, I knew it was not there.\" Rumors circulated around the BASE community: Frank jumped out of the country; injured, perhaps, in the woods; had amnesia. \"Nobody believes that to die in the river,\" says Lottie Aston, Gambalie girl. \"If someone would not have survived that is said to Frank. Everyone who knew him knew that.

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Frank got away with everything.\" When his body was found, rumors have been replaced by questions. What really happened that morning of 9 June? Yes overzealous Rangers pressure Gambalie in bad decisions? And who warned the Rangers? Is that Burk? (He says no.) One of his friends? Is it fear of being caught that drove Gambalie to the river? Or is this belief in its indestructibility, believing that showed something so many times before? \"Frank had an unbeatable view of life,\" says Filippino. \"\" I will die for this - but this time it will not happen to me .. \"\" The official accident report states the cause of death of the park as a result of accidental drowning fleeing illegal parachute jump. Shortly after Gambalie disappearance, his father met with the Rangers. \"I told them, look, my son has broken the law, he made a bad decision. But there is something wrong with all this. Law is designed to protect people, not to them where they feel they have no choice.\" But, of course, Gambalie had no choice. \"Frank was not worried about losing their platform,\" says West. \"He has not paid one in years.\" And although Osman alleged abuse may have been forced to the edge, at least one who knew his case Gambalie different thoughts. \"Frank had a record of maintenance,\" says Kevin Thaw December hikers and Gambalie friend. Thaw believes that the Rangers had even stopped looking, Gambalie be kept running. \"It was a game to him, all of this,\" says Thaw. \"And Frank loved the game.\" Last October 22, the event was held in honor of Frank at Yosemite in protest against the ban BASE jumping. Five jumpers were supposed to take off from El Cap, with rangers on hand to cite them and seize equipment. More than 100 spectators watched as the first jumper stepped to the edge and jump. The other two followed. Then stepped up fourth, committed and fell. I constantly fall. The crowd grew silent as a jumper, an expert skydiver and stunt woman named Jan Davis, struggled to find release on her borrowed rig. But it was too late. Her body hit the cliff base, sending a booming echo off the rocks that roars across the valley, soul-crunching noise. Human error, not equipment malfunction, caused the accident. \"It would have jumped Jan without 100% safety with her equipment is unheard of,\" says BASE equipment manufacturer Martin Tilley.

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\"Know your equipment. This is given in BASE jumping.\" It was a terrible shame for the park, another disaster in the already disastrous PR year. All talk of legalization BASE jumping in Yosemite is stopped. Ironically, Davis dies while jumping in Gambalie name has not escaped your friends. \"Frank is probably rolling in his grave,\" says West. \"He was a total pro, and someone who does not live up to his standard, well, it\'s not appreciated. And do not forget that he made ??his leap, and it\'s a nice jump as I have ever seen. The Revolutionary War was a rebellion against the British, but first needed a battle between Tories and Patriots. Ted Cruz fights for the honor of leading the conservative movement. The main goal is to be the voice of the American people, the victory of the Democratic Party, and take Congress and the White House, so that we can reduce our federal government back to constitutional limits. At the moment the battle is ObamaCare. But first opponent who must be defeated Republican establishment. Is it any wonder that the Republican leadership in order to make sure the defunding effort not? Ted Cruz prika?uju his ambitions for large real Tea Party Presents: Conservatives really fed up with both parties in Washington, DC Republican base allowed Obama to be re-elected, when an estimated five million were left at home in the elections 2012th It may not be wise, but it happened for a very good reason: they did not see the Republican Party to represent them. DC establishment, and that includes the party, doing very well, thank you. In the suburbs around Washington were the richest in the nation. They and their families are untouchable for the economic collapse of Obama. A huge government spending a quarter of the wealth of our nation, with nearly half of the population depends on their generosity, good for them. It\'s not good for us. Republican leaders want to defeat ObamaCare, but mainly want to use it as a talking point of the campaign to return to power. They are not ready to fight with all their hearts and minds to protect the American people from this disaster. It might be risky. It may not play well in the polls this week. It might not be good for them letting it go through, and then complain in 2014 and in 2016. Republicans have ignored the will of the voters

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for a long time. They ignore their base and ratcheted up the national debt by President Bush. Instead of slinking further into shame to lose the base, Karl Rove is as powerful as ever, struggling Cruz pages of the Wall Street Journal and every TV station can be used to push the status quo. Republican elites fought desire base to stop illegal immigration. They were happy when the Tea Party Revolution surrendered control of the House in 2010, then turned around and bad mouth us as fanatics and incompetent who did not also win the Senate. Interestingly, Republican Party Chairman Priebus reincite establishment is one leader who does get it, perhaps because he is the guy who has to get out the vote in the next election. Priebus published a brief piece today entitled \"In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz.\" The Senate leadership is not listening. Ted Cruz knows something the establishment does not. The Tea Party is a genuine populist uprising. This government is not an elite tyranny yet. People do have power when they pick up the phone or e-mail their senators and congressmen. Commentators keep talking about Cruz not working with McConnell and Cornyn, as if he is a lone wolf. Cruz is not a lone wolf. He is a man of the people. Cruz is appealing over McConnell\'s and Boehner\'s heads, listening and talking directly to the voters.Everyone said he could not get the House to attach defunding to the continuing resolution.So Cruz did not try to convince the speaker and his complacent, pusillanimous followers.He went on TV, he took out ads, he ran an internet petition, and he called for people to fight.They responded.They\'re hungry to fight.People are fighting for their health care, their jobs, for control over their own lives.A million and a half people signed Cruz\'s petition.Thousands of phone calls from angry constituents followed, and all the talk of how it couldn\'t be done disappeared overnight. The same thing could happen in the Senate. It will be decided not by Cruz, not by the establishment pundits, and certainly not by the Senate leadership. It will be decided by the conservative Republican base plus Democrat voters frightened enough of ObamaCare to call their senators. October 1 is not just the potential start of a government shutdown; it is the roll-out of ObamaCare. We keep being told about polls showing that people don\'t


want a government shutdown. What will voters be more upset with: losing their insurance, paying more for their insurance, losing access to their doctors, losing their full-time hours or worse, losing their jobs -- or a partial government shutdown? Is it impossible to unite Republican senators to vote against cloture and then turn five Democrat senators to vote against funding ObamaCare? It all depends on how many voters pick up the phone. (Scroll down here to get a list of senators\' phone numbers.) It is not out of the reach of ordinary people to overturn the ObamaCare disaster. Same question here. I would like to assign Knowledge BAse rights besed on Organizations! The reason is, that I want the users of those organizations watch into the KB first instead of calling me. By inserting articles into the KB based on the customers infrastructure I don\'t want customers to see infrastructure details from each other. I am thinking of buying Kayako because of the knowledge base. And creating user groups for every Organization and then add every employee to the user group is not applicable because the employees can sign in by themselves and I don\'t want to assign user group all the time by hand.
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