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25.05.2006 Версия для печати

Новинка от Oakley - Time Tank.

Oakley Time TankКомпания Oakley анонсировала свое новое творение - наручные часы Oakley Time Tank. Швейцарские часы с точностью в 13 камней и агрессивным дизайном.

Основные фишки:

  • Часы изготовленные из титана будут поставляться с кожаным или титановым браслетом.
  • Для удобства ношения титановый браслет разработан так чтобы его звенья обладали свойством саморегулировки под руку и усилены карбоном.
  • Стекло сделано из сапфира с антибликовым покрытием.
  • В часах 6 стрелок.
  • Часы защищены от воды до глубины 100 метров.
  • На трех дополнительных циферблатах выводится общее время, промежуточное и отдельное время с точностью до 1/10 секунды.
  • Минутная и часовая стрелка прокрыты люминофором.
  • Часы кварцевые с авторегулировкой.
  • Батарейки хватает на 48 месяцев.

Oakley Time Tank появятся во втором квартале 2006 года в четырех вариантах:

  • Черный кожаный ремешок, Черные часы 995$
  • Коричневый кожаный ремешок, Серебристые часы 995$
  • Титановый ремешок Черные часы 1,195$
  • Титановый ремешок Серебристые часы 1,195$

Источник: Пресс-релиз.

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China. Imperatieven geopolitical sidelines, Kyrgyzstan\'s economic difficulties. Closer to European standards of living in Soviet times, today the country faces the risk of Becoming a basket case, with a full third of the population living below the poverty line. Moscow offering a deal worth two Kyrgyz current GDP annually. Most of the cash will go to the construction of a hydro-electric plant will dat dat a no hydrocarbon resources. In a region that floats on a sea of ??oil, this is a bizarre accident of geography. If Americans had addressed the needs of Bishkek\'s desperate, things could not have come at a proper industry leaders. You can call it carelessness crowning of

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is used to store items that can be easily searched and accessed by users CRM and email attachments. This is a great option for storing items in folders because CRM can be easily accessed by all, that the articles are backed up and stored in the database and CRM has powerful searching capabilities making it easy to find the information you need. Speaking at a press conference in the city, the commander of the special forces camp Wanis special force had SARS Abukhamada foot holes assaulted by two separate cars as ulcers troops break the fast for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The first exploded at the gate, and immediately after,

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another car came speeding through the camp gate, \"he said. A medical official told AFP that the blasts killed four people, not including the two attackers EIS, and an \"unknown number wounded.\" Suicide bombings are rare in Libya, where a fragile government is struggling to restore order. Tripoli and Benghazi are now caught up in some of the fiercest fighting between rival armed groups since the fall of Moammer Gaddafi in 2011. In another blow to the government, Libyan oil production fell, turning back a hard-won since April Increasing revenue for the state as it faces increased fighting around the airport in the capital and across Benghazi. More than 40 people have

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died in a week or fierce clashes in Tripoli airport that include artillery, Grad rockets and anti-aircraft guns. Fresh fighting erupted Monday night in Tripoli and Benghazi ook. In the eastern city, the regular armed forces and troops loyal to renegade former army general who are battling Islamist militants entrenched there EIS. I\'m having trouble displaying images in my writings. I use Flexicontents\' What image field type is assigned to my article. In the category views the images look great, but lacks image in my article because of my PageHeader base href is set to url pages. Does it work if I put a forward slash images\' URL just to make absolute

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s neckline hip hop jewelry , masquerade ball dresses . with fine straps giving a delicate, feminine look jared jewelry . leather bracelets Offers potential for creative strap detailing and ornamentation. Enhances small busts and narrow shoulders. Portrait Features a wide, soft scoop that spans across the shoulders. Widens narrow shoulders and chest. Shows off great collarbones chunky necklaces . , but not suited to bony collarbones. Scoop Neck A softer version of the V-Neck. bra size crystal bridal headpieces lace wedding dress . Also known as the ballerina neckline. Widens a narrow chest, lengthens the neck and minimizes a large bust. Suits all styles of gown and body shapes. Off-The-Shoulder Flattering for fuller busts, although a strapless bra is required men necklaces . Lengthens the neck and shows off the collarbone. vintage cocktail dresses . Provides coverage for upper shoulder and arm areas and a perfect focus for jewellery.For more articles on choosing the right wedding dress visit my website. There is loads of information on wedding dress styles and accessories.After you have walked down the aisle, and after you have started your new life as a happily married co

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silicone bracelets bracelets ing part in the marriage always try their best to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the whole ceremony. The bride and groom have to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to prevent any inconvenience in the marriage. They have to select an appropriate venue for the event wedding dress design . , arrange for a good and delicious feast etc. Along with all the other arrangements the bride and groom also have to select a suitable dress which they can wear on the big day.The kind or type of dress, wedding gown dress . vintage headpieces the bride or groom may wear, depends on many different factors. These factors may be the price of the dress wedding hair accessories . discount headpieces . , look and feel of the dress necklaces for men , mood of the wearer, tradition of the family and many others. It is very important that all the arrangements look perfect on the day of the marriage but it is equally important for the bride and groom to look exquisite on this day. Especially since this is a once in a lifetime occasion and event.Brides normally wear white wedding gowns which are generally sold and purchased in ready wedding headpieces ://www.talkdress.org/\">full figure bra ://www.talkdress.org/images/uploads/SLD21458.jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" />

[11.06.2012 / 01:59]

suits your figure and a neck line that complements you. If desired you can begin to delve into a treasure trove of seemingly endless added extras. These embellishments are what can really set your particular gown apart from the rest and leave you basking in accolades on the day itself. Here is a simple and straightforward guide to merely a handful of the possibilities available to you to enhance your gown communion headpieces accessories .Appliques are extra fabric items that can be quite intricate. Things such as small flowers, bows or ribbons bangle bracelets . , can be sewn into the gown to create a very chic look headpieces . Similarly small pieces of glass or crystal can also be sewn into the dress material to deliver an appearance that is very pleasing to the eye. jewelry supplies headpieces for wedding The latter embellishments are referred to as beading.One relatively large item that can be added to your gown is a corset 2012 designer wedding dresses . . These were very popular in centuries gone by and can provide a very elegant appearance to your outfit. As they are quite tight fitting they tend to tuck away any hoop earrings . ://www diamond stud earrings maternity evening dresses . .talkdress.net/images/uploads/SLD61796.jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" />

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cheap wedding dresses he right underwear. If a lacy thong is your usual preference, by all means wear one for your wedding day. cheap bridesmaid dresses But if you are not used to that type of underwear, you might not find it super comfy cheap evening dresses . The last thing you want is to feel like you have a permanent wedgie under your dress! Lace trimmed boy shorts can be just as cute, and will also put a layer between your skin and any itchy petticoats inside your gown. And if you need to wear a seamless support garment to create smooth lines under a sheath dress cheap wedding dresses , cheap mother of the bride dresses . just plan to change into something prettier once you get to the honeymoon suite. homecoming dresses 2012 . Brides who feel comfortable in their gowns will feel confident and beautiful all day long. Make sure you spend plenty of time in your wedding dress during your fittings so you can determine if you need to change anything about it to make it feel good. Your goal should be to feel just as fabulous in your wedding dress as you look in it.Finding the whole process of weddings and all the planning that goes into one cheap cocktail dresses cheap evening dresses //www.canweddingdresses.com/\">cheap bridesmaid dresses . cheap bridesmaid dresses 2012 . //www.talkdress.net/images/uploads/SLD97590.jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" />

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is particularly important when it comes to having a wedding dress custom made, but it is important for off the shelf wedding gowns as well.Shaunta Pleasant is a professional writer and editor on wedding planning topics. sale handbags diy swatches . Visit my site to learn more about planning the perfect wedding at perfect wedding dress- it\'s perhaps the most important thing to any bride planning her wedding, and perhaps the most stressful and overwhelming red waps . wedding dresses cheap . Custom wedding dresses take some of the stress and pressure out of trying to find the one gown that has all the elements needed for a dress you can deem perfect. However, there are still several things you will need to do to ensure it\'s exactly what you want bridal dress . .The process of getting custom wedding dresses made is definitely less stressful and overwhelming than searching for one made off-the-rack nike gloves totes handbags women handbags , however, there are still many things that can be done to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are just a few tips on how to make sure the process is as painles indian jewelry .talkdress.net/\">cocktail dresses for sale . .jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" />

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Mother of The Bride Dresses . ith the development of economy, the concept of people has changed a lot. Prom Dresses In recent years, wedding dresses 2012 more and more people are holding their wedding ceremony in summer wedding dresses 2011 . In the hot summer days, how to choose the dresses for the bride? It is a big problem to the brides Bridesmaid Dresses . . discount Bridesmaid Dresses . It is hot in summer, and it is the first time for the bride to go into the wedding hall, so they may be a little nervous, as we all know, when people feel nervous, she may sweat. So the wedding dress which has many accessories or has a big trailing is not the best choice. The bride will feel very hot and can not endure on the wedding ceremony, and the guests will be not comfortable too. The wedding gown of the summer brides should simple and light. In the last years, the wedding dress which is made of silk is very popular. wedding dresses 2011 This raw material is soft, so the bride can breathe freely wedding dresses 2011 ; maybe it is a better choice to the bride in summer. However, there is some thing you should know. When you choose the silk as the material of your wedding Prom Dresses net/\">wedding dresses 2011 . .talkdress.net/images/uploads/SLD12393.jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" />

[05.06.2012 / 14:19]

Evening Dresses Uk . our maternity wedding dress Evening Dresses Online , it\'s equally important that your dress fits you well on your actual wedding day. A seamstress or a dressmaker can help you make sure your gown is a perfect fit.Tip 5: Know where to look.Maternity wedding dresses are a little harder to find compared to beach wedding dresses, formal and informal wedding gowns. You may not be able to find an excellent maternity dress collection at your nearest bridal boutique.If you\'re looking for variety, Maternity Evening Dresses begin your search online. There are numerous online bridal wear shops with fabulous collections of maternity wedding dresses.Want to read more of this article? You can read more tips on Maternity Wedding Dress, plus other Bridal Tips only at the bride, looking her very best on her wedding day is essential. It is also something most stress about for a very long time. Finding the right wedding dress though is key. Let\'s face it - most of us have element of our bodies that we aren\'t happy with. As a result we can feel very unc Designer Evening Gowns Plus Size Evening Gowns Plus Size Evening Dresses wedding gowns . //www.talkdress. Long Evening Dresses . net/images/uploads/SLD75755 bridal gowns . .jpg\" alt=\"prom dresses\" width=\"200\" height=\"280\" /> Designer Evening Gowns

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